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Thrush Treatments

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Canesten Creams

canesten creamCanesten cream is an anti fungal cream used to treat skin conditions such as thrush, ringworm, athlete's foot, fungal nappy rash and fungal sweat rash. It works because the active ingredient is Clotrimazole which is one of a group of medicines called imidazole anti fungals, which are used to treat fungal skin infections. Clotrimazole works by killing yeasts and fungi by disturbing the membranes surrounding it's cells.The fungi then stops producing ergosterol which is essential for the fungi to survive. Without Ergosterol, the fungus develops holes in in the protective membrane causing it to die.


Canesten Cream Tubecanesten cream 2%

Canesten Cream 2% is used to treat external thrush. Applied properly, the 2% cream is very effective at clearing up thrush and healing the affected areas. Canesten 2% comes in a tube and is applied thinly to affected areas. Always check the instructions on the box before use.

  • Tube of Canesten Cream 2% (20g) to treat external Thrush

 canesten cream



Canesten Cream Combi

canesten combi

Canesten Cream Combi is applied on the surface of the skin. It is mainly used for the treatment of thrush on the penis or the vulva. Women may find Canesten Cream Combi a good alternative to the pessary combi

Canesten Cream Combi contains;

  • Canesten 10% Internal Thrush Cream to help clear the infection
  • A tube of Canesten 2% (double strength) Thrush Cream to rapidly cool external Thrush


 canesten cream combi



Canesten Combi Pessarycanesten combi

Canesten Combi Pessary comes with a pessary applicator which can treat female internal thrush directly and effectively. A vaginal pessary is a plastic device that fits into your vagina to treat the affected area. Using the applicator to insert the pessary into the vagina at night preferably before bed ensures a comfortable and convinient treatment. Using the Canesten pessary, thrush should begin to disappear and heal within three day of treatment. After this period of time if you are still experiencing symptoms of thrush it is best to visit your doctor for advice.

 Canesten Combi Pessary contains:

  • A Canesten Pessary with applicator, to clear the thrush infection
  • A tube of Canesten 2% (double strength*) Thrush Cream to rapidly cool external symptoms


 canesten combi pessary



Canesten Oral & Cream Duocanesten oral thrush duo

Used for the effective relief of Oral Thrush and external thrush, Canesten Oral & Cream Duo consists of capsules and a soothing cream, there are no Canesten tablets. Oral thrush is often mis-diagnosed and unnoticed, extreme cases of Oral Thrush mostly occur during times when the immune system is compromised or fatigued, during a severe throat infection or mouth infection oral thrush can become a problem without being diagnosed. Taking Canesten oral thrush capsules can help clear the symptoms and heal the mouth and throat.

Canesten Oral Thrush pack contains:
  • A single, fast-acting Canesten capsule, taken orally. A modern, convenient and discreet way to help clear the thrush infection
  • A handy tube of Canesten 2% (double strength*) Thrush Cream. Applied on the outside, it rapidly cools the external symptoms


canesten oral cream duo



Canesten Creams and Pregnancy

If you have thrush and you are pregnant it is advised that you consult your doctor before using any Canesten products even if you have treated thrush with Canesten in the past. During a pregnancy the same thrush treatment you have used in the past may be unsuitable which is why you must see a doctor first.

You can find all of Canesten's product range on their website canesten website


Why Thrush Creams is only a "Quick Fix"

Canesten Cream is great at what it does, its intended purpose as an anti-fungal cream is to wipe out any fungi and yeast in the area it is applied to. However, thrush is caused by your body's inability to control the yeast naturally. Which means that killing the fungus will only stall a regrowth since Candida yeast naturally lives in your body.

If you experience recurring thrush then you need to treat the problem at the root by giving your body back its ability to keep the fungus under control. Yeastrol is an all natural cure for thrush, click below to find out more.


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